Draw up, in proper form a market day report in technical words relating to Karachi Stock Exchange using imaginary facts and figures. You are to report a downward tendency in prices and explain the main causes responsible for it.

Karachi, May 30th 2002

Generally, a sagging tendency was noted in the Karachi Stock Exchange on Tuesday with interest centered round mostly blue chips. Gains and losses were not evenly matched.
In the forward section, Adamjee Cotton which started steady at Rs. 17.75 against the previous close at Rs. 17.60 declined to Rs. 17.50 to close round Rs. 17.55.
I.C.P after opening 50 paisa higher at Rs. 103.50 came down to Rs. 103.25 this however could hardly be maintained.

In short, bearish conditions continued to be witnessed in the market while buying remained at loss ebb the selling pressure continued to mount. The reason for such fall is obvious. Political uncertainty has shaken the faith in dynamic steps. Nobody is prepared to risk. Naturally, easy conditions prevail in the market. A firm tone can not be displayed in this situation.

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