Election commission hired you as the Information System consultant for the analysis of election processes. Various types of report have to be generated for different type of user. Describe the important factors that have to be considered while designing the report.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The report to be generated for the election process are highly sensitive. The accuracy and timing of the report are very crucial. The essential factors to be considered while designing the report of the election commission are listed as below:
• Content

• Timeliness
• Format
• Media
• Volume
It refers to the actual information to be given to the general public as well as the various level of officials in Election commission. The content should be very precise and free of unessential information. The type of content to be disseminated to the public and Election Commission official varies. The general public is more concerned about the result of election whereas the election commission official need analytical type of reports as well.
Information arrived after the required time has no use even in general case. In the case of election, the timing of the information is highly crucial. The periodicity of the result and information has to be confirmed and it has to be carried accordingly.
It is the arrangement of information of election process on the report. The tabular and graphical are some example of presenting information to the user. Sometime the text report is also equally important. So it depends upon to which type of user the report is targeted.
It refers to the actual physical accessories at which the output information is presented. For the output design the media are the monitor, printed documents, internet, digital display, mobile, radio television, social media are some of the medias through which the information can be disseminated. For general public, the display of result might be sufficient but for the EC officials the printed or soft copy of report would be better.
The amount of information to be released is associated with volume. For the instant dissemination of the election process, the less and precise volume is better. However during the process of analysis or managerial purpose the full content is better. Volume of content also depends upon the media through which the information are released and the target users of the information. So while disseminating the information the amount of content has to be checked precisely without distorting essential content.

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