Electronic point of sale (EPOS) and Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) are the dominant terminals currently being used in business. Briefly explain three summary reports that are likely to be generated by each terminal

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Summary reports generated by EPOS:
1. A summary report of all the goods purchased at the terminals. This may be done after referencing the terminal‘s database.
2. A summary report of the total units of each type of good sold. This may be produced after a detailed search through the database during which the item codes for each type of good are identified and the sales related to each item tallied.
3.A summary report of the remaining stock
The EPOS automatically updates its database after every purchase is made therefore at any one time, one may produce a summary report detailing the remaining stock in the stores.
Summary report generated by ATM:
1. A summary report of the actual and available cash balance of an account holder
After the account holder authenticates himself on the ATM and requests a balance slip, the system runs a query to find out the actual balance of the account holder and deducts the minimum cash balance allowed for specific account type to arrive at the available cash balance.
2.A cash receipt for payment of utilities e.g. water, electricity, etc. This is generated immediately after payment has been made.
3.A foreign currency withdrawal slip.
This is generated after foreign currency has been withdrawn. It indicates the amount withdrawn and the remaining actual and available balance.

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