Employee Resourcing

Employee Resourcing, Pdf notes, Past exam Papers, syllabus

CHRP 12 Employee Resourcing


The course unit covers labour economics; job analysis; HR planning; recruitment and selection; separation from employment; employment legislation and changing role; challenges; and emerging issues of the resourcing function

General Objective

To equip the learners with the knowledge and skills required for ensuring effective talent acquisition and retention in an organization.

Understanding the Labour markets

  • Factors influencing employment in Kenya
  • Ways of increasing productivity of Labour
  • methods of controlling labour costs
  • impact of education and training on employment opportunities

Job Analysis

  • Process of job Analysis
  • Methods of job Analysis
  • Application of Job Analysis
  • Job description
  • Job specification

Human Resources Planning

  • Determining HR requirements
    • Resource supply forecasting
    • Resource demand
  • Application of results of HR planning
  • HR accounting and auditing

Recruitment, Selection and Placement

  • Meaning
  • Basis for determining when to recruit
  • Sources – internal and external
  • Recruitment, Selection and Placement process
  • Policy on the disadvantaged groups

Legislation Governing Employment in Kenya

  • Legislation relevant to employment in Kenya
    • Employment Act 2007
    • Labour Relations Act
    • Labour Institutions Act
    • Work Injury and Benefits Act
  • Application of the provisions of the legislation

Termination of Employment

  • The organization’s policy
  • Types of termination
  • Procedures in handling different types of termination
  • Terms applicable to various types of termination

Emerging issues in resourcing practice

  • Key emerging issues in the resourcing Issues in function
  • Trends in talent sourcing
  • The Role of HRM in talent sourcing and organization success

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