Entrepreneurs Contribution to National Development


1. They have enhanced generation of employment

Entrepreneurship activities raise the levels of employment in the economy and also the levels of national income

2.       Capital formation

It’s easily brought up by entrepreneurial activities through production of goods and services.

3.       Increasing per annul capital income

This refers to average income in a country with all citizens assumed equal shares. Entrepreneurship raises levels of individual income and therefore boosting pa-capita income

4.       Growth of infrastructure

It plays a great role in opening of infrastructure such as factories, roads, buildings, schools, which contributes to economic growth and development.

5.       Boosting economic independence

Entrepreneur through their activities enhances self reliance or it minimizes the level of external or foreign dependence by economies. This makes a community/country self reliant.

6.       Improving the standards of living

Through innovative activities, they produce essential goods and services that contribute to the welfare of the citizens

7.       Growth of industries

Entrepreneurial activities results to growth of industries

8. Provision of essential goods and services which are key to economic growth and development.

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