Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Consultancy

Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Consultancy Pdf notes, Past Papers, Syllabus

CHRP 20 Entrepreneurship and Human Resources Consultancy


The course unit covers concept of entrepreneurship;the entrepreneur; approaches to entrepreneurship; entrepreneur motivation; entrepreneur opportunities and HR consultancy.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this course unit, the learner will be able to

  1. Discuss the various concepts of entrepreneurship and its role in economic development.
  2. Analyze entrepreneurial competencies required for starting and running a business.
  3. Identify and evaluate entrepreneurial opportunities
  4. Discuss the concept and role of consultancy.
  5. Analyze the HR consultancy process.

Prepare HR consultancy proposals.

Apply standard problem solving techniques in undertaking HR consultancy assignments.

Concept of Entrepreneurship

  • Meaning and importance of Entrepreneurship
  • Evolution of entrepreneurship
  • Entrepreneurial culture
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Situations in which entrepreneurship is indicated
  • Entrepreneurship process
  • Entrepreneurship development in Kenya
  • Factors affecting entrepreneurship in less developed countries

The entrepreneur

  • Meaning and importance of the entrepreneur
  • Types of entrepreneurs
  • The entrepreneur
  • Characteristics of the entrepreneur
  • Functions of the entrepreneur
  • Entrepreneurial competencies
  • Techniques of enhancing entrepreneurial qualities
  • Self assessment techniques for entrepreneurial potential
  • Are entrepreneurs born or created?
  • Contribution of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to national development

Approaches to the Study of Entrepreneurship

  • Economic approach
  • The entrepreneur as an organizer
  • The entrepreneur as a risk-bearer
  • The entrepreneur as an innovator
  • The invisible hand
  • Psychological approach
  • Characteristics of entrepreneurs
  • Need for achievement
  • Lotus of control
  • Sociological approach
  • Negative displacement
    • Personal background
    • Positive pull
    • Enabling environment

Entrepreneurial Motivation

  • Types of motivation
  • Internal and external motivating factors
  • Self-assessment and enhancing one’s motivation

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

  • Meaning of a business opportunity
  • Distinction between business ideas and business opportunities
  • Generating business ideas
  • Applying SWOT analysis to evaluate business ideas forpotential as business opportunities
  • Selecting the business opportunity to create into a business

Human Resource Management consultancy

  • Nature and purpose of consultancy
  • Types of client systems
  • Qualities of a consultant
  • Models of consultancy
  • Consultancy relationships
  • Obligation and duties of consultants
  • Consulting skills
  • Standards and ethical issues
  • Phases in consulting
  • Consulting in various aspects of human resources management
  • Developing a consultancy proposal
  • Managing a consulting organization

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