Essential elements of a meeting


Every workplace will have staff meetings/team meetings, formal and informal discussions. When a business places a proper value on the time spent by people preparing for and attending meetings, it is quickly seen that they are a very expensive exercise. Have you ever been to one of those meetings where no objectives were met, no actions were agreed upon and generally it was a complete waste of your time? Effective meeting procedures are essential to ensure that the maximum output is gained from a meeting.

Requirement or essentials of a valid meeting or, necessary conditions of a valid meeting: There must be some requisites in order to validate the meeting. The necessary pre-conditions of a valid meeting are stated below:

  1. Right convening authority: A valid meeting must be convened by the proper authority otherwise it wills loss its Company’s secretary is the proper authority to call a formal meeting.
  2. Proper notice: Duty signed and timely notice must be submitted to members before meeting. The place of meeting, time and date must be stated on the notice.
  3. Proper publicity of agenda: Every member of the meeting should be properly informed of the agenda. Agenda consists of items to be discussed and decided upon a meeting.
  4. Legal purposes: Every meeting must have a legal purpose. Any meeting should be properly informed of the agenda.
  5. Requisite quorum: For valid meeting requisite quorum is necessary. The meeting should not be stared until the requisite members of member s are Quorum means the least number of members to be presented in a meeting to get legal validity.
  6. Presence of right persons: Only legal members can present in the meeting. If there is an unauthorized person in the meeting, the meeting will lose its validity.
  7. Proper presiding officer: The chairman of a valid meeting must be a proper person.
  8. Conducting meeting according to the agenda: A valid meeting must be conducted according to the agenda. No decision will get validity, if it is not related to the agenda

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