Essentials of a warehouse

Business studies study module

These are the features and resources a warehouse should have in order for it to function effectively.

These include:

  • Ideal location: A warehouse should be located at a suitable place to facilitate receipt and issue of goods e.g. a manufactures warehouse should be located near his/her factory.
  • Proper building: A warehouse should have proper buildings which are suitable for different types of goods to be stored.
  • Equipment: A warehouse should be equipped with appropriate facilities for handling goods such as fork-lifts conveyer belts e.t.c.It should also be well equipped with necessary storage facilities e.g. provision of refrigerated or cold storage for perishable goods such as meat and fruits.
  • Accessibility: A warehouse should be accessible to its users. It should therefore be linked with good and appropriate transport system to facilitate movement of goods in and out of the warehouse.
  • Safety and security: It should have/be fitted with safety equipment or facilities necessary for protection of goods against damaged caused by such things like water, fire or sunshine as well as for the protection of the personnel.
  • Communication: A warehouse should have a good communication network or system for easy contact with its clients and suppliers
  • Qualified personnel: A warehouse should have well trained and efficient staff/personnel for proper management and efficient functioning of the warehouse.
  • Recording system: There should be a proper recording system in a warehouse to ensure that all movement of goods is properly monitored.
  • A warehouse should be spacious enough to allow easy movement and accumulation of goods and personnel.

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