Ethical issues in product promotion

Business studies study module

These are rules and regulations to be followed when carrying out promotion to avoid violating other people or businesses right. They include;

  • Cheating on performance of the product to attract more customers given them wrong and enticing information about what the product can do.
  • Cheating on the ingredients of the product telling them that the product contains a suitable type of ingredient which does not exist just to lure them to buy the product
  • Not telling them the side effects of the product which may affect them should they continuously use the product due to fear of losing customer
  • False pricing, especially a case where they overprice their and later on reduce them slightly just to lure the customer, yet exploit them
  • Not caring about the negative effect of the product on the environment, which may includes littering of the environment the posters used for advertisement
  • Social cultural conflict, especially putting up some forms of advertisement which are considered a taboo buy the community leaving around, such as hanging a billboard of a female advertising inner wears next to a church

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