Everything an expert system can do, a decision support system (DSS) can also do‖. Discuss any four grounds that consistently support or disapprove this statement.

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Grounds that disapprove the statement that everything that an expert system can do a decision support system can do.

An expert system is a computer-based system that solves problems requiring a lot of human professional knowledge. They act as expert consultants to the users.

A decision support system (DSS) refers to a set of programs and hardware that allows users to interact with so as to help them make decisions.

It is quite untrue to state that everything that an expert system can do a decision support system can do due to the following grounds:
1. Decision support systems help users in decision making. In this case, they never place the judgement or make the decision for the user. This is not the case for expert systems because expert system makes the decision for the user when the user presents it with the problem.
2. The process of decision making in decision support system is user controlled as opposed to that of an expert system which is controlled by the system.
3. Expert systems can only handle one given area for example in legal expertise. Decision support systems can sometimes be general or ad hoc systems, which can handle a wide variety of managerial decision problems.
4. Decision support systems are only appropriate when personal or professional judgement are required instead of programmable decisions. Expert systems are appropriate for decisions, which do not require a personal judgement as decisions are already programmed.

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