Examine four any four desirable features which should be inherent in an operating system.

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Features which should be inherent in an operating system
An operating system is an organised collection of a suite of programs which controls and supervises computer system hardware and provides services to programmers and users of a computer system.

Operating systems should have such features as:
1. It should be able to perform control oriented tasks such as multiprogramming, multi- processing and batch processing.
2. It should allow for time-sharing such that multiple users can access a single computer system at one time.
3. It should allow for concurrent execution of programs so as to enhance speedy processing of data.
4. Operating systems should handle interruptions caused by program abnormalities or machine failure and be able to report this to the user.
5. System security is inherent to any operating system as all security routine checks are controlled by the operating system.
6. Ease of use or need for basic training.
7. Portability of the program from one system to another.
8. Speed and productivity of the software.
9. Its cost of maintenance.
10. Popularity of goodwill of the software amongst users.
11. Ability to be used in networks.

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