Examine the contribution of information systems in decision-making or problem solving process.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Database technology
This utilizes a database, which is a collection of data organized to serve many applications at the same time by storing and managing data so that they appear to be one location.

Client/Server computer system
This refers to a system that splits processing between ―clients‖ (i.e. the user point-of- entry for the required function and is normally a desktop computer, workstation computer or laptop computer) and ―servers‖ (i.e. a terminal which provides the clients with services
e.g. a mainframe or adesktop computer) on a network, assigning functions to the machine most able to perform the function.

Client/server computer systems facilitate database technology by enabling large databases to be stored on servers and to be shared to clients over the network such that the data appears to be in one location while it‘s actually distributed on several servers.

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