Examine the issues to be considered when planning for information systems training.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Issues to be considered when planning for IS training:
1. The staff to be affected
Whether the staff includes senior managers, middle managers or operational staff as determined by the type of information system in consideration. For example, for a transaction processing system, the staff to be involved in the training exercise will be operational clerks and middle managers since they are the ones who handle the system.
2. Who should carry out the training?
If an organization doesn‘t have adequate training personnel then it should consider hiring the services of another company when planning for IS training.
3. Cost of the training
This should be determined so as to allocate enough money to the training process to ensure success of the exercise.
4. Estimated time for the training
This should be considered so that training is allocated adequate time. This ensures that what was meant to be learnt is learnt and that everything is understood.

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