Explain about the essential features of a good e-commerce website.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Some features that should be available in a e-commerce website for its effective operations are:
• Login and authorization
• Searching of the Products
• Product Details
• Payment Mechanism
• Profiling and Personalization
• Event Notifications
Login and Authorization:
This feature allows to login in into the system with the validation of the user name and password. People without valid username and password can see just the basic information about the e- commerce website but once having the system user name password they can initiate any process in the system. System also facilitates the creation of new username and password.
Searching of the Product:
As the virtual web front lists the large varieties of the product people might be unable to find the product of their choice so in this case the effective searching mechanism of the product should be available in the website. Conditioning can be deployed in the searching.
Product Details and Catalogue:
Once the client finds any product, then website should give the details information about product with possible 2D/3D or video view along with all essential information and procedures.

Payment Mechanism:
The payment mechanism and procedures should be clear to every user. It might be electronics payment procedures or the cash on delivery it should be documented properly.
Profiling and Personalization:
The personal behavior of the selling / buying product or accessing product catalogue should be tracked to personalize in future. This will be helpful for the promotion of the new or related product to that user in the future.
Event Notifications;
It is the procedure of informing the client about the completion of any event. This helps in the ensuring the completion of the process. It can be done in email or phone etc.

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