Explain about the role of system designer and system developer in the context of system development.

System Designer and System Developer have different responsibilities from the prospect of the system development. Their roles in the process of system development are explained in the tabular form below:

SN System Designer System Developer
1. System    designer    mainly     responsible     for

making the pictorial representation of the system before it is built.

System Developer is mainly responsible to build or write the program codes.
2. System Designer makes the design based upon the detail requirement analysis. 0

“?////////The system developer or programmer writes

the       codes based upon the design given by the system designer


3. The designing process of may be iterative till the finalization of requirement analysis. During the development process the re-writing of the codes can be done to remove the


4. System designer can use various CASE tools. System developer can also use the CASE tools

while writing the program codes


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