Explain about the various steps in system development life cycle.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The various steps involved in system development life cycle can be summarized as:
• Preliminary Investigation
• Requirement analysis
• System Design
• System Development
• System Testing
• Implementation and Maintenance Preliminary Investigation:

This stage of system development consists of clearly identifying what is the requirement of originator. After defining originator needs it will further examine if the proposed system will be feasible from various prospects of economy, operation and technology. Another part of this stage is the approval from the investor.

Requirement Analysis:

During this stage the detail requirement of the user is analyzed. In this stage the comparison of proposed system is made with the existing system. Several fact findings tools and methodologies are adopted in this stage for better understanding of the requirements and problems. This stage is also called as the system analysis.

System Design:

In this method the computerized design of hardware, data base, front/back ends and networking is done to facilitate basic working operations of the business. Various tools may be used to model the design of the system.

Acquisition or Development of the system:

In this stage new system according to the design is physically developed or acquired from the external sources. This stage comprises of actual physical development or integration of the hardware and networking and coding of the software.

System Testing:

In this stage the developed system or acquired system is tested in the real time to ensure that the system will function properly in the real life. Various testing mechanisms can also be adopted. The data, operations, results etc can be verified as if the real life working is done.

Implementation and Maintenance:

This is the final and real life working of the system. The developed and tested system is deployed in the real business operation to the end users. In this stage the working of the newly developed system is also evaluated eventually. The maintenance of the system is also done in case of its failure or pop-up problems.

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