Explain about the vulnerability of the information system.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

As the large volumes of data are stored in the electronic format in the computer based information system it is susceptible to various types of threats. Thus threats to the computer system are also threats to the information system. Common threats to the computerized information system can be summarized as:
• Failure of computer hardware during the operation.
• Failure of the working of the software during the operation.
• Malpractices of the personnel working in the information system.
• Unauthorized access to the terminals in use.

• Theft, deletion, changes of the data, services and equipment of the information system.
• Fire and destruction of the physical infrastructure.
• Electrical power supply problem and outage.
• Unintentional human errors during the process of operation of the system. Telecommunication and networking problems.

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