Explain how Information Technology is changing the scenario of marketing in modern days business.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The business function of marketing is concerned with the planning, promotion and sale of existing products in existing markets and the development of new product and new markets to better attract and serve present and potential customers. Business firms have increasingly turned to information

technology to help them perform vital marketing function in the face of the rapid changes of
today‘s environment.
Business firms are using information technology in the form of Internet/intranet and websites to promote and extend their business opportunities. These tools help the marketing activities in following ways which are different than marketing without use of information technologies tools:
• Interactive marketing
• Target marketing
• Sales force automation
• Customer relationship management
• Marketing research and forecasting
• Advertising promotion
• Product management

With the use of various tools of information technologies the marketing can be focused to the specific groups of the people with common fields from the prospects of the behavior, purchasing capacity, demography and geography etc. This enables the marketing to be more particular and customer centric. Emails and instant messaging helps receive the customer feedback immediately and to provide the answer to their queries. The sales person‘s activities can be increased and enhanced providing the real time customized data of the probable customers. The relationship of the customer can be enhanced retaining the potential customer and attracting the new customer with the help websites and internet and intranet technologies.

Similarly advertising and promotion can be done in the relevant websites personalizing home pages. The marketing research can be done effectively with the use of websites and taking the online feedback.

These are some of the activities which are carried out with the use of information technologies in the sales and marketing which are not possible other means. Use of information technology assists business firms to make marketing more focused, customer oriented and it breaks the geographical boundaries. On top of this information technology created marketing process to be interactive between business firms and customer.

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