Explain how Integrated Systems Digital Network (ISDN) may be used in a business organization

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How an ISDN may be used in a business organization: ISDN

This refers to a suite of internationally adopted standards for end-to-end digital communication over a public telephone network. ISDN specifically refers to protocols that are utilized in order to provide potential for universal digital network with a series of standard interphases that will facilitate the connection of a wide variety of telecommunications equipment to the network. ISDN has the objective of making the network digital so that a variety of communications can be undertaken within the same line. ISDN is capable of integrating a variety of services for voice, data, video, images, etc on the same communication line. Through ISDN therefore, it‘s possible to make use of one line for a variety of activities.

Business applications of ISDN include:
1. Videoconferencing
ISDN supports the real-time exchange of voice and video. This may be useful in meetings where the participants are in different geographical areas.
2. Shared electronic chalkboards
Ideas and illustrations can be distributed in real-time to remote locations so that people in other cities or other countries can participate in meetings.
3. Telecommuting
ISDN provides facilities for users to tap into central network resources from the privacy of their own homes and do so with the functionality of a network node.
4. Transmission of large amounts of data
For example transmitting the contents of a newspaper from the editorial office to the printers.
5. Computer-based training
ISDN supports the speedy broadcast of data from the node in the network where training is being carried out.

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