Explain System Analyst role of IT professional. Mention various skills and attributes required to become a successful system analyst.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

System analysts are people who understand both business and computing. They study business problem and opportunities and then transform business and information requirements into the computer based information systems that are implemented by various technical specialists, including computer programmer.
System analyst studies the problems and needs of the organization to determine how people, data, process, communications and information technology can best accomplish improvement for the business.
The analyst is responsible for the efficient capture of data from its business source, the flow of that data to the computer, the processing and storage of that data by the computer, and the flow of useful and timely information back to the business and its people.
System analyst sell business management and computer users the services of information technology.
Various skills and attributes required to become a successful system analyst are
• Working knowledge of current information technologies
• Computer programming experience and expertise
• General business knowledge
• Interpersonal communication skills
• Interpersonal relations skills
• Flexibility and adaptability
• Character and ethics
• System analysis and design skills

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