Explain the contribution that an information resource centre might make towards end-user computing

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

The contribution made information resource centres towards end user computing include:

1. Encouraging users who wish to develop their own applications and providing them with technical assistance.
2. Encouraging users to conform to any hardware or software or programming standards that the organisation might use. For example, to make sure that all microcomputers purchased the organisation are compatible and so could be moved around from department to department if necessary.
3. Ensuring that applications developed are replicated others in the organisation where this will be of benefit to the organisation.
4. Advising end users on ways of getting better use out of their existing systems. Computer users might be unaware of what their system is capable of doing or how to set about making use of the system capabilities.
5. The resource centres should be readily available to end users and the centre‘s staff should try to keep a high profile with end user departments. This enhances adequate support.
This can be achieved through the use of a telephone ―hot line‖ or a drop-in advice centre.

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