Explain the different activities that are essential while controlling new system development process.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

System development controlling activities mainly related with authorization, development and implementation of the original system.
System authorization: To ensure the economical justification and feasibility all systems needed to be properly authorized. To authorize the system officially it is essential to initiate any request of the system in written form the users to the system professionals who have both the expertise and authority to evaluate and approve.
User specification activities: The best understanding of the system are the users so its essential to participate the system user while developing and evaluating the system.
Technical design activity: The technical design activity in the process of SDLC is the process of converting user specification into technical specification from the development perspective. The adequacy and sufficiency of this design will be revealed the quality of the documentation emerges from each phases.
Internal audit participation: The role of Internal audit participation is very important in such organization where there lacks the internal technical expertise. Here the auditor is concerned about the inception of all the activity of SDLC to make the conceptual suggestion regarding system requirements and controls.
Program testing: All program modules must be thoroughly tested before they are implanted. The results of tests are then compared against predetermined results to identify programming and logical errors.
User Test and acceptance procedures: Before the implementation of any system it is essential to test every module of the system as a while. A test team comprising of personnel, systems professionals and internal audit personnel subjects the system to rigorous testing.

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