Explain the main types of maintenance that a system may undergo in its lifespan

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There are four types of maintenance: Corrective maintenance
This occurs when there is a system failure. The objective is to ensure that the system remains operational.
Diagnoses and corrects errors in the system
Investigation, analysis, design, and testing are necessary before a solution is implemented
 Typically, a user submits a systems request form with supporting evidence, if necessary
Adaptive maintenance
This is undertaken in response to anticipated changes in the processing environment to add new capability and enhancements
Adds enhancements to the system
 An enhancement is a new feature or capability
 Adaptive maintenance often is required in a dynamic business environment
 An adaptive maintenance project is like a mini-SDLC, with similar phases and tasks
Can be more difficult than new systems development, because of the constraints of an existing system

Perfective maintenance
This occurs to improve the system eliminating processing inefficiencies or enhancing performance. Involves changing an operational system to make it more efficient, reliable, or maintainable
 Requests for corrective and adaptive maintenance typically come from users, while requests for perfective maintenance typically come from the IS department Preventive maintenance-
Undertaken to avoid future occurrences that may be detrimental to the system e.g putting a firewall to a system to avoid hacking into the system.

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