Explain the parameters which should be considered seriously while designing the output or generating the report of an information system.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The essential parameters to be considered while designing the output of a system are as follows:
• Content
• Timeliness
• Format
• Media
• Form
• Volume
It refers to the actual information to be given to the user of the system. The content should be according to the hierarchical user of management. The content should be very precise and free of unessential information.
Information arrived after the required time has no use. So time is very essential factor of output. It is related with the time/interval at which the required information to be dissipated to the user.
It is the arrangement of information on the report. The tabular or graphical is some example of presenting information to the user.
It refers to the actual physical accessories at which the output information is presented. For the output design the media are the monitor, printed documents, tapes.
Form in output design is related with way the information is presented. Sometime people may confuse with the format. Format may be the voice, video or text by which the information is dissipated.

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