Explain the remedies that are available to an investor who has been indiced to take shares by false statements made in a prospectus.

The remedies available to a subscriber include:
 Compensation for any loss or damage occasioned by the untrue statements i.e. Sec 45 of the Act.

 Damages for loss or liability arising. This remedy is available to the investor in the false statements were negligently or fraudulently misrepresented.

Rescission of contract: The innocent party has the right to rescind the contract if the false statements were innocently, fraudulently or negligently made. The right is exercisable at the earliest possible instance.
Damages against the company for breach of contract.

Indemnity: This remedy which entails monetary compensation is available if the false statements were innocently made. However, it is only available where the innocent misrepresentation occasion direct financial loss.

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