Explain the various dimensions of the feasibility during the process of system development.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

Various dimensions of feasibility can be summarized as:
• Technical feasibility
• Economic feasibility
• Operational feasibility
• Schedule feasibility
• Legal feasibility

Technical feasibility:
Technical feasibility is concerned with the hardware and software system involved. The technical feasibility issues are as follows:
• Does the essential technology is available to do the task?
• Do the proposed equipment have the technical capacity to hold the data?
• Does the proposed system provide adequate responses to the inquiries regardless of the number of users?
• Do the system has scalability feature?
• Does the system provide the data security, reliability and ease of access?

Economic feasibility:
Economic feasibility is concern about the incremental costs and benefits expected if the proposed system is implemented. Various financial and economic concerns during the system analysis and development phases are:
• Cost of conducting full system.
• Cost of technology.
• Benefits in terms of reduced costs. Practical feasibility
It is assessment of how practical and communicate is the operation of system given the external and internal environment.
Schedule Feasibility:
Schedule feasibility focus itself on the time frame for needed for the development of new system and make it operational. It also evaluates the promptness of the service provided after the implementation of the new system.
Legal Feasibility:

Analysis of any possible conflict between newly proposed system and the legal obligations of the organizations existing system is the main concern of the legal feasibility. For example, the new system should comply with all applicable federal and state statutes about financial reporting requirements as well as the company‘s contractual obligations.

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