Explain why e-commerce is getting popular day by day.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

E-commerce is the entire process of developing, marketing, selling and purchasing, delivering, servicing and paying for the products and services which are transacted on internet among the global customers. Simply business activities carried out through the internet.
E-commerce has some of the unique features in comparison to the conventional way of doing
business that‘s why they are getting popular day by day.
The reasons of e-commerce gaining popularity can be summarized as below:
• Ubiquitous and global reach- Business can be done from any place. Doing business through e- commerce doesn‘t mean that it has to be in the downtown of the city. It can be from the any part of the country. Moreover, the selling and buying of the product is associated around the globe. Products can be buy or sell from any rural part of Asia to core city of Europe or America.
• Selection and Value – attractive product selections, competitive prices, satisfaction guarantees, and customer support after the sale
• Performance and Service – fast, easy navigation, shopping, and purchasing, and prompt shipping and delivery
• Look and Feel – attractive web storefront, website shipping areas, multimedia product catalog pages, and shopping features
• Payment Mechanism- Another reason of the spreading of e-commerce is its facility to pay the bill through the electronic media. It is not necessary to carry cash or cheque whenever the transaction is done from e-commerce.
• Advertising and Incentives – targeted web page advertising and e-mail promotions, discounts and special offers, including advertising at affiliate sites
• Personal Attention – personal web pages, personalized product recommendations, Web advertising and e-mail notices, and interactive support for all customers
• Community Relationships – virtual communities of customers, suppliers, company representatives, and others via newsgroups, chat rooms, and links to related sites

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