Explain why you may have some difficulties in auditing distributed systems.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

– Inconsistency: There may be a problem when it comes to consistency in auditing since the systems are distributed hence part of the system may be audited and some parts may not hence ―half baked‖ auditing of systems may crop up leading to poor auditing.
– Quality Tools: System quality can be significantly enhanced the use of quality tools.Lack of these tools may bring about difficulties in auditing systems. Some of the tools developed may not me tailored to suite distributed systems hence a challenge to system auditors where as some tools may not be easy to use or lack proper documentation.
– Difficulty in Data Quality Audits: In may be difficult for an organization to under take regular data quality audits for the fact that data is distributed to some or all the components of a distributed system hence the difficulty to know what data is accurate, incomplete of ambiguous.
– Size: The size of a distributed system may be too large for an organization to fully and
effectively carry out a successful audit. The possibility of redundancy auditing may bring about

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