Accuracy of facts

The scientific accuracy of facts is very essential to a good report. Since reports are mainly used for decision making, inaccurate facts may lead to disastrous decisions

Grammatical Accuracy

A good report is free from errors. Any faulty construction of a sentence may make its meaning different to the reader’s mind. And sometimes it may become confusing or ambiguous.


The facts presented in the report should not only be accurate but also relevant. Irrelevant facts make a report confusing, and exclusion of relevant facts renders it incomplete and likely to mislead.

Objectivity of recommendations

If recommendations are made at the end of a report they must be impartial and objective. They should come as a logical conclusion to investigation and analysis. They must not reveal any self-interest on the part of the writer Reader – oriented

A good report is always reader oriented. While drafting a report it is necessary to keep in mind who is going to read it. A report meant for layman will be different from one meant for technical experts.

Specific Issue

Every report, including business one, is written on specific subject. It is written to fulfill certain need.

Specific Structure or Layout

In preparing report, certain structure or layout or format is followed. The layout or structure of report is almost same in every case.

Written on Past Events

In most of the cases, reports are written on past events. Most of the business reports carry the reasons of happening of incidents, the ways of recovery etc. Reports are also written in past forms.

Factual Information

Business report is always written based on factual information. The data collected on specific events is factual, not factious.

Joint Effort

A report is an outcome of joint efforts of a group of people. No one can personally or solely prepare a report. Now-a-days, in most of the cases, committee is formed containing three to seven people for furnishing a report on certain incident.

Orderly Presentation

The information of a report is presented orderly so that the audience can get his needed information from where it is located.

Upward Flow

The direction of a report is always upward in the organizational structure. The higher authority normally assigns the duty of preparing reports to their immediate lower authority and after preparing the report, they submit it to their boss or higher authority.

Some Additional Aids in Presentation

A report is always presented in an attractive way. In addition, analytical reports contain executive summary, contents and index, necessary charts, graphs and design and conclusion and recommendation etc.

Signature and Date

It is customary to put the signature of the reporter with date at the end of the report. If it is prepared a committee, signature must be given each member of the committee.

Simple Language

this is just another essential features of a good report. A good report is written in a simple language avoiding vague and unclear words. The language of the report should not be influenced the writer’s emotion or goal. The message of a good report should be self-explanatory Conciseness

A good report should be concise but it does not mean that a report can never be long. Rather it means that a good report or a business report is one that transmits maximum information with minimum words. It avoids unnecessary detail and includes everything which are significant and necessary to present proper information.

Attractive Presentation

Presentation of a report is also a factor which should be consider for a good report. A good report provides a catchy and smart look and creates attention of the reader. Structure, content, language, typing and presentation style of a good report should be attractive to make a clear impression in the mind of its reader.


Clarity depends on proper arrangement of facts. A good report is absolutely clear. Reporter should make his purpose clear, define his sources, state his findings and finally make necessary recommendation. To be an effective communication through report, a report must be clear to understand for making communication success


Report as a means of internal communication

  • A report acts as an effective means of communication within the organization.
  • It provides feedback to employees.
  • It is prepared for the information and guidance of others connected with the matter / problem.

Report facilitates decision making and planning

  • Report provide reliable data which can be used in the planning and decision making process.
  • It acts as a treasure house of reliable information for long term planning and decision making.

Report discloses unknown information

  • Reports provide information, which may not be known previously.
  • The committee members collect data, draw conclusions and provide information which will be new to all concerned parties.
  • Even new business opportunities are visible through unknown information available in the reports


Other reasons include:

  • In order to give the progress of the project
  • For monitoring purposes
  • Some reports may be needed external parties e.g. funding

applications, review of clients’ problems etc.

  • To understand the project
  • Sometimes it‘s a requirement of the sponsors and lenders
  • To estimate properly the time to completion
  • To ensure that the project is in compliance with existing laws g. environmental laws

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