For applications such as banking, it may be argued that security is a major concern when implementing database systems. As a database administrator, you are expected to explain five security features expected to be included with the design of the database systems

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Specify features to be included with the design of the data base system
1. Strict operating procedures
The database through the database management system should have in built procedures which allows only the authorised persons to access the system or to make modifications such as updating the data.
2. Back-up procedures
The design of a database system should include backup procedures to ensure that data is not lost in case of malfunction or accidental loss of data.
3. Protection against remote access
Data contained in the system should be protected against remote access through the use of passwords and data encryption.
4. Controlled access to the system
Physical security measures should be put in place to limit physical access to the system by unauthorised users.
5. Database administration
A database system should have an administrator who is responsible for its administration. He performs such functions as maintaining the database the data dictionary and helping users overcome the problems that they encounter.

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