Give four examples of industries and business organizations that are currently using computer networking.

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Examples of industries and business organizations that currently use computer networking:
1. Nation media group which has an Internet website which it uses to advertise and also to sell online subscriptions to its newspaper, the Daily Nation.
2. Safaricom ltd which uses its Internet website to advertise its mobile telephony services and also to provide customer care services to its subscribers.
3. Intel Company which uses the concept of peer-to-peer networking (networking architecture that gives equal power to all computers on the network. Its used primarily in small networks) to speed up design of its Intel chips enabling designers to share chip designs.
4. Glaxo SmithKline which uses peer-to-peer networks from Groove Networks Inc to help its researchers create a worldwide collaborative network with scientists from universities and biotechnology companies.
5. KASNEB PANEL which uses the Internet and intranet for advertising courses and for providing registration to programmes offered.

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