It is the process of creating, producing, and distributing material using graphics as well as text to convey data. It is the use of images to communicate information. All printed material ranging from magazines, advertising, text books, Cereal boxes etc. are a direct result of graphic design and production. Good graphic design can render information so that it is more easily understood by the audience.

Advantages of graphic communication

  1. Quick way for the audience to visualize what you are saying — numbers, trends, up or down
  2. Forceful — emphasizes main point
  3. Convincing — proves a point, see and hear
  4. More interesting than just talk or print (Remember to use as many of the five senses as possible)
  5. It is a compact way of conveying information


Time consuming to make — decisions must be made in advance for layout, color, materials, etc

  1. Technical in nature — audience knowledge to interpret, or understand
  2. Costly — depending on the medium used (poster board, transfer letters, etc.)

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