How can a dictation be effective?

Writing latter in a big and busy organization may mean the use of Stenography/Secretary or Recording Machine. Saying something to be written or noted down or recording. (L1 case of mechanical device) may mean dictation.
For an effective dictation both the parties—- one giving and the other taking the notes— should be alert and through. It is here where it is more valid: think before you speak, similarly, understand before you made should be the motto for the secretary/steno.

Dictation may be through men/woman or dictating machine. Both needs to be handled with care.
1. Dictation is given from an outline.
2. Enunciate clearly in words and figures.
3. Spell unusual/difficult words, names, etc.
4. Give special instructions in the beginning.
5. Dictate punctuation’s, paragraphs, and quotations.
6. Dictate at normal rate with ease.
7. Dictate less and delegate more.
8. Get prepared to interpret properly.

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