How can a modern business organization benefit from cloud computing and software as a service to quickly rollout its computerized information system?

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Cloud computing is a growing trend in global IT landscape. It commoditization the computing resources such as processing power, storage capacity and application features as sell able units without involving the sale of actual physical devices. As a result, businesses can quickly avail of the necessary features and computing resources delivered to them by a cloud service provider. Among different flavors of cloud computing, Software as a Service or SaaS is the most straightforward and quick option for business, especially small businesses. This is because the cloud provider does everything and sells the necessary features and as a software deliverable to the business organization. Thus the businesses in need of the features and resources do not have to spend time and effort in designing the system, procuring the hardware & software, installing them, commissioning & testing them and finally making use of them. All this is done by the cloud service provider that takes care of all the preparations and provides the business organization the needed software features, functions, resources and their manageability. The main requirement is the robust and reliable network connectivity with sufficient capacity from the business organization to the cloud service provider‘s data center where the actual system is located.
This also gives the business organization option of scalability. If the business transaction grows and there is need of more features, functions and computing resources, it can easily get those from the cloud service provider by paying the extra cost. On the operational side, the business organization does not have to worry about the management of the system, allocation of manpower, maintenance of the facility and so on. From small to big business who want to roll out information systems and computerized functions easily and quickly, cloud computing is a There are other flavors of the cloud computing apart from Software as a Service but for businesses with clear outline of their needs and a short timeline of deployment, SaaS is probably the quickest and most straightforward option.

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