How important is auditing during system development process? Outline some of the activities of auditor in this regard

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Auditing is a process of checking the overall quality and integrity of a process, system or data. System auditing is also similar. It tries to make sure that the system is as per the objective and requirements and the pre-defined guidelines are followed properly.
Auditing is even more important during development because if shortcomings, problems and flaws could be identified during development, those can be quickly corrected so that the final product shall have minimal flaws. It is increasingly difficult and costly to rectify flaws as we go deeper into the developmental stage. Finding early and fixing early is always preferable. Auditing can help achieve that.

The major activities that the auditor should undertake in this regard are:
i. Should interact with each of the stakeholders of the system.
ii. Should try to identify and validate the business problems and needs. Then the auditor should try to match those with the system design & development process.
iii. Should be able to suggest necessary changes to the system prototype or module that is being evolved into the full system.
iv. Should ensure that the system stakeholders are properly coordinated.
v. Should check whether the standards are being followed properly.

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