Human intelligence can be defined as a person‘s ability to solve problems, utilize logic and think critically. Discuss the major differences between human intelligence and artificial intelligence.

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Major differences between human intelligence and artificial intelligence:
Artificial intelligence
This refers to the effort to develop computer-based systems (both hardware and software) that behave as humans. They‘re used to make decisions that would otherwise have been done by humans.

Major differences:
1. Common sense and generality
Human intelligence is characterized by an ability to develop associations and to use metaphors and analogies such as like and as. Using metaphors and analogy, humans can create new rules, apply old rules to new situations and at times act intuitively and/or instinctively without rules. Artificial intelligence on the other hand, cannot develop associations and use metaphors and analogies. It acts purely on facts and information supplied to it.
2. Ability to impose a conceptual apparatus on the surrounding world
Meta concepts such as cause -and-effect and time, and concepts of lower order such as breakfast, dinner, and lunch, are all imposed by human beings on the world around them. Thinking in terms of these concepts and acting on them are central characteristics of intelligent human behaviour. On the part of computers, they cannot create and impose such meta concepts in their logic and thus have to rely on the ones created by humans.

3. Ability to develop new and novel solutions to problems
Successful artificial intelligence systems are based on human expertise, reasoning and selected reasoning patterns. They are thus rigid in their decision-making since their knowledge base is static (finite rules and finite information). Human intelligence on the other hand, is dynamic in decision making due to common sense and generality and can thus formulate new and novel solutions to problems presented to it.

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