Personal selling

Business studies study module

This is a method of promotion where there is an oral presentation in the conversation with the prospective customer. It is done by with the use of salesmen who informs the prospective buyer of all the aspects of the product

Methods of personal selling

Personal selling can be carried out in the following ways;

  • Through sales person approaching the customers

A case where the sales person approaches the prospective customers after drawing their attention, explaining details of the product and even demonstrating how the product works in order to persuade the customer to buy.

Steps involved in personal selling through sales person

  1. Identify prospective customers who could possibly require the product
  2. Preparing the presentation by gathering all the possible information about the product , as well as designing an appropriate methods that he will be used to present to the customer
  3. Establishing the customers contact, as well as choosing an appropriate time to meet the customer to be. That is the time when the customer may receive him
  4. Arousing the consumers interest in the product by attracting his/her attention through approach and languages, as well as making the prospective customer develop interest in the product
  5. Dealing with the objections on the product which may have been brought about by the customer to be
  6. Closing the sale by inquiring whether the prospective customer will be interested in the product or not. This should be done in a polite manner
  7. Offering after sale service to the customer on the product that has been sold

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