Identify and describe the main criteria which should be met a local area network design.

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a) Main criteria which should be met a local area network design:

A local area network refers to a transmission process involving computer terminals and peripherals which are physically linked within a room(s) in a building or one site.

A local area network design should meet the following criteria:

1. It should enhance the sharing of experience resources. For example, management at various levels should be able to share information and as such, design making should be fast and effective. It should also allow program sharing.
2. It should help in faster data processing and retrieval. This means that the design should facilitate faster access to data from the file servers so as to help in the faster transaction processing.
3. The network should also help in reducing data processing costs. Costs may be saved due to minimised job queue.
4. It should allow sharing of work loads in that the various terminals can be used to process data and transmit it through the network to the required terminal.
5. It should help in decentralisation of data processing activities. Activities can be easily performed in the terminals and transmitted through the network to the head office or to the main data office.
6. The network should enable the communication of one system to another so as to detect multi-accessing and curtail unauthorised access.

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