Identify and explain the functional model of information system for a car retail business house in Nepal.

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The functional model of the information system for a car retail business house in Nepal can be illustrated as shown below:

The major inputs for the retail business house can be outlined as:
1. Retail outlet information
2. Stock of items
3. Sales of items
4. Dealer and retailer details
5. Revenue collection

The major outputs for the information system in a retail house could include the following:
1. Detailed stock report
2. Sales related report and information
3. Revenue reports
4. Dues and payables to the dealers, manufacturers and other parties.
5. VAT report
6. Other tax report
7. On-demand details about items, prices and stock based on user query.

A schematic architecture of the information system for Inland Revenue Department can be shown as follows:

The major components of the operational level information system for Inland Revenue Department can be outlines as follows:
1. Data entry and input module to facilitate entry of data such as tax collections, new registrations for VAT, PAN etc. Also includes the entry module for the users to feed data into the system.
2. Database system to store all the data related to the operational and other level of information system.
3. Network application and interfaces to connect with other information systems in the department. These systems can include human resource management system, accounting and ledger systems, audit systems, enterprise resource planning system, decision support system etc.
4. Users of the system, both internal users from the department and external users such as the taxpayers, government agencies, businesses etc.
5. External systems that take information from or provide data for the system. Such external systems can include the ERP, HRMS, GL/Financials, DSS etc.




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