Identify the common ways in which users interact with and control computer systems.

CPA-Quantitative-Analysis-Section-4 BLOCK RELEASE

Common ways in which users interact with and control computer systems
Users can control system actions with interactive menus and prompts: • Menu screens
Menus display a list of user-selectable options
Menu-driven system uses a hierarchy of main menus and sub menus
• Shortcut key combinations can be used in a menu design
• Hot buttons
• Prompt screens
User types a response to a prompt Responses can include commands
• Structured Query Language (SQL) can be used •
Question/answer screens can be used
• Natural language techniques can be used, similar to Internet search engines
• Graphical user interfaces
A GUI environment includes process control and data control, and are easy to use Common features
 Menu bar
 Toolbar
 Drop-down menus
 Dialog, text, and drop-down list boxes
 Option (radio) buttons, toggle switches, and spin bars

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