Identify the major factors that influence the structure of an information system.

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Factors that influence the structure of an information system:

1. The nature of an organization
This would influence the standard operating procedures and tasks of a system.
2. Changes in Information technology
These changes influence the hardware and software since an organization will be forced to upgrade to keep up with such changes. They include changes in the version of an operating system e.g. from Windows 95 which has limited networking and security capabilities to Windows 98 which has advanced networking and security capabilities. Changes in hardware may be due to the introduction of faster microprocessors e.g. the Intel Pentium IV 2.6 GHz microprocessor which will force organization‘s running real time applications to upgrade in order to improve on response times.
3. Environmental factors such as legislation, business market conditions. Legislation influences the standard operating procedures of a system specifying the dos and don‘ts e.g. the Company law in Kenya lays a frame work for the operation of companies. Market conditions may dictate the system outputs e.g. Competition may force a business to design the system to produce periodic reports that enable the progress of the organization to be gauged.
4. The people in the system
The staff that works with an information system may influence the information that is contained in a system. For example, knowledge workers such as doctors and engineers may influence the content of the systems they handle since they are supposed to contribute to the information contained in the systems.

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