Imagine you are assigned to design a computerized system for the regular services of land reform offices. How would you outline the advantages and implementation challenges of the system to the management?

A Management Information System ICT Revision Questions and Answers

The major advantages of such a system for the land reform offices are:
i. Fast operation and delivery of service.
ii. Up-to-date data available readily for every concerned person.
iii. Control of access to different types of data to different users such as customers, working level staff and management.
iv. Accuracy and integrity of data.
v. Control of under-the-table deals and corruption through transparency resulting from computerized system.
The major implementation challenges are:
i. Change resistance among staff and management.
ii. Negative moves from personnel who are benefiting from existing traditional working style.
iii. Budget for the new system.
iv. Training of staff for the new system.

v. Possible redundancy of staff due to efficiency of the new system.
vi. Migrating data from existing paper based system to the new computerized system.

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