Implementing a new information system, computer or manual, into an existing organisation requires careful planning for it to be successful. Outline the various organisational (NOT COMPUTER) factors that must be considered and planned for to ensure the probability of a successful implementation;

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Implementing a new information system
a. Non-computer organisational factors to consider
The implementation of a computer system is likely to affect an organization in a number of ways:-
o Organisational structure change;
o Will the past history and culture of the organization be affected;
o External environment factors such as the use of computers at home; Possible change in organisational levels, currently flatter;
o Significant changes in the current tasks and the decisions that are taken;
o Are management supportive of the changes that will occur as a result of the new system;
o Age, skills, computer literacy of the workforce involved.As we question ourselves. The above factors are to be considered.

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