Communication is important to organizations because of the following reasons:

  • Provides information needed for any action and decision to be taken by managers or subordinates. The information may be obtained from internal or external sources.
  • Helps managers to obtain the information needed for planning purposes g. SWOT Analysis provides the information required for strategic planning purposes
  • In organizing it help managers to effectively coordinate organizational activities g communicating goals or the objectives, clarifying duties and responsibilities to subordinates, delegating duties etc.
  • In directing function, leadership takes place through effective communication e.g managers must motivate and direct organizational activities through effective
  • In controlling, written or oral communication are essential parts of obtaining feedback or
  • It permits the expression of feeling and satisfaction of social needs hence it helps build team spirit in the organization.
  • Helps the employees to be informed of activities that takes place in the organization e.g. communication through notice board to employees
  • Helps the management to communicate with outside partiesg. government officials, suppliers, trade union, representatives etc.


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