In pursuit of good corporate governance practices by directors, enumerate the best practices relating to directors which would promote and protect the shareholders rights

Directors practices that would promote and protect shareholders rights include:
• Ensuring that members have equitable terms in all that they do.
• Availment of information on the performance of the company.
• Ensuring that there is a secure method of transfer and registration of securities.
• Ensuring that shareholders are aware of their rights to participate in company affairs and vote in general meetings.
• Encouraging members to participate in deliberations at general meetings by way of questions and making substantive contributions.
• Recommending dividend regularly.
• Put in place an effective communication policy between the company and its members, creditors and other stakeholders.
• Ensuring that annual reports and accounts give a clear indication as to the company‟s financial performance and prospects.
• Encourage and facilitate the establishment of a shareholders association to promote dialogue between the company and its members.
• Having a director‟s charter in place.
• Distinguishing the roles of executive and non-executive directors and regular appointment of directors.

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