In relation to the provisions of the Companies Act (Cap.486) of the Laws of Kenya, outline general provisions relating to meeting and votes.

 The Companies Act, recognises the following meetings :
• Statutory Meeting.
• Annual General Meeting.
• Extra Ordinary General Meeting.
• Class Meetings.
• Directors meetings
• Creditors meeting.
Generally, the following constitutes the requisites of a meeting:

• Notice of the meeting.
• Proper authority to convene the meeting.
• Quorum for the meeting.
• Chairman of the meeting.
• Taking of minutes of the meeting.

Voting in a company meeting can either be on a poll or show of hands. By show of hands – one member has one vote. By Poll depends on the number of shares a member holds. Under Table A one share is one vote.
The results of the voting are declared the Chairman.
Members are free to appoint a proxy who can only vote a poll.

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