In the context of ethical considerations: Outline the individual ethical issues implied when a person joins a professional organization.

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Ethical issues

Professional aspects: – Collins English dictionary definitions of: – Profession: – is an occupation requiring training in the liberal arts. Professional: – a person who engages in an activity with great competence.
So a professional person takes on special rights and obligations because of their special claim to knowledge. This implies that such a professional person must keep the ethical standards that pertains the profession. The following are some of the ethical issues that have to be considered:-
o Keep themselves up-to-date with all aspects of their profession. Each profession has its own ethical code which each individual in the profession has to comply with.
o Any profession requires the practitioner to avoid harm to others.
o The property rights have to be honoured by any professionals. The properties of other individuals have to be respected.
o A professional is required by ethics to respect the privacy of the firm he is working with and that of his fellow professionals or employees.
o He has to follow the Moral Imperatives of their Professional Code of Ethics. Each profession has its own code of ethics.

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