Industrial Designs


An industrial design is the ornamental or aesthetic aspect of an article . Industrial designs are applied to a wide variety of products of industry from technical and medical instruments to watches , jewellery and other luxury items from house wares and electrical appliances to vehicles and from textile industries to leisure goods

To be protected under Kenyan law the industrial design must appeal to the eye. This means the industrial design is primarily of an aesthetic nature and does not protect any technical or functional features of the article to which it is applied. Industrial design is what makes an article attractive and appealing , hence they add to the commercial value of the a product and increase its marketability.

When an industrial design is registered the owner is assured of an exclusive right against unauthorized copying or imitation of the design by third parties. This helps to ensure a fair return on investment.

An effective system also benefits consumers and public at large, by promoting fair competition and honest trade practices, encouraging creativity and promoting more aesthetically attractive products .

Protecting industrial designs helps economic development by encouraging creativity in the industrial and manufacturing sectors

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