Information technology and business environments are rapidly changing such that systems must also keep on evolving in order to keep pace with changes in the environment. In an attempt to upgrade an organisation’s system, state the individual members of staff and their corresponding tasks who would be involved with the change.

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Members of staff and their corresponding tasks:
(i) System end users
They provide feedback to the IT staff and management concerning the current system. That is:
o Whether there are delays in processing and the effects of such delays.
o Whether the system requires more staff to handle the workload
o Error rates for input data
o Output i.e. whether it is correct, timely and distributed correctly to the relevant users.IT staff and management can thus act on the feedback provided end users and perform an appropriate system upgrade.

(ii) System users
They work with the end users to identify areas of the current system that need to be upgraded.
(iii) Management representatives
They help to establish whether the system is accomplishing its operational, tactical and strategic objectives and thus justify the need for an upgrade. They also provide approval before system upgrade can take place.
(iv) IT department staff:
They include:
1. IT manager
o He is in charge of heading the system upgrade exercise
o Justifies the need for upgrade to senior level management preparing and presenting a post implementation review report.
2. Programmers
They are needed when the upgrade involves modifying the system‘s software.

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