Inter-modal transportation

This is a means of transport which switches goods on transit from one mode of transport to another. The type of inter-modal transportation entail: piggy back, fishy back, train ship, air truck and Ro-Ros.

  1. a) Piggy back: This involves the use of rail and trucks road where cargo is transferred from anyone of the two to another.
  2. b) Fishy back: This is combination of water ship to truck (road) transportation where goods are shifted from anyone of the two to another.
  3. c) Train ship: This is the combination of water and rail transport. This is where goods are shifted from rail to water or from water to rail.
  4. d) Air truck: It involves the shifting of goods between air and road transportation modes.
  5. e) RoRos: Roll on, roll off containership allows truck, trailers and containers to be directly driven on and off to the ship without using cranes.

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